Broom For Two

Broom for Two is a sculpture that can be used for a rule based dance choreography for multiple dancers. This broom has been created as one of the interactive sculptures part of my impossible objects series. Many sculptures in the impossible objects series reference duality, collaboration, and why objects are made the way they are, what happens when they are altered and how they change meaning when they are altered to be used by more than an individual. This reaches an overarching question of what purpose and function objects serve us by the way that they are made and how they fit into our everyday lives. 
The large scale of Broom for Two is reminiscent of a playful jungle gym, the tubes are made of linear 90 degree angles referencing masculinity while the rounded corners give a soft and feminine quality to the object. When in use the double broom acts as an impossible object unable to ever truly fulfill the task it sets out to do. 


Broom for Two, steel, walnut, ixtle, 2019